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Frequently Asked Questions

Al-Dairani factory is specialized in the production of cement Snowcem mixture.

Al-Dairani factory was established in Al-Waziriyah area located in the heart of Baghdad, the capital of the Republic of Iraq.

Al-Dairani Factory produces cement Snowcem and other Painting Products & Accessories of vast varieties in distinctive colors, high stability and ever-lasting hardness.

Snowcem paint is a fully breathable weather resistant mineral paint. Safe to use and environmentally friendly. Snowcem is free from polymers, plastics, solvents and other man-made additives that reduce the breathability of paint.

Fully breathable mineral paints are proven to have far superior compatibility with any masonry structure as they allow the moisture which is inevitably present in the masonry to pass naturally through the paint and not become trapped behind an impervious barrier, such as a polymer based paint system.

Modern paints fail by peeling and flaking mainly because they contain polymers. Polymers make them faster to apply and give options for satin or sheen finishes, for example. The price is lost breathability. Claims that they are breathable are only partly true, as they most definitely reduce the vapour permeability of an otherwise permeable surface. This means that moisture can be trapped under the paint, which leads to early failure of the paint or, worse still, damage to the wall surface beneath it. Such deterioration happens in both cold winters and hot summers. This is because trapped water expands under freezing conditions, and produces a high vapor pressure when hot. Paint with low adhesion will tend to peel and paint with strong adhesion fail the wall surface to which it is applied.

There are examples of houses which were painted with Snowcem more than 30 years ago. After 25 years or more, we would not expect the paint to have failed in any way, flacking, for example. It is normally just a case of freshening up the surface by over-coating with more Snowcem. Other paints last much less time because they include polymers that reduce the vapour permeability of the surface, which promotes water related failure and peeling.

Snowcem exterior paint works and is long lasting on walls made of concrete, cement render, GRC, plaster, pebble dash, brickwork, sandstone and limestone masonry. The main point is that the surface must not be failing in some way.

Drying time depends on a number of factors including the ambient temperature, air movement, porosity of surface and paint thickness. Using a spray, which is not normal, drying time, can be less than 15 mins. In all other cases, drying time is about 1 hour. Curing, the process by which paint increases in strength, takes longer.

Snowcem can be sprayed, using a large nozzle diameter, low pressure and higher water content. Several coats are necessary to build up the coating. Spraying is not normally recommended due to overspray on windows, for example.

Cement is hygroscopic and thus will go hard if exposed to damp air, even without adding water. For this reason, Snowcem should be used as a complete bag.

Yes, years of use prove that Snowcem is accepted as a safe DIY paint.

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Baghdad, Iraq

No, years of use prove that Snowcem is accepted as a safe DIY paint. Snowcem is cement powder that is mixed with water to form a naturally alkaline based paint that resists mosses, algae and mold. The powder and the dried paint can have a dehydrating effect on skin, possibly causing mild irritation. If sufficient care is not taken when adding the paint powder to the mix water, the result may be a dust cloud.

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