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Al-Dairani Factory

Al-Dairani Factory was established at the end of 1961 by Abdul-Hadi Khalid Al-Dairani and his son Khalid Abdul-Hadi Al-Dairani, who holds a PhD in Mineral Chemistry and is the holder of URKUNDE Patent No. 293 925 for the Snowcem mixture. This mixture forms the foundation of the factory’s painting materials and production, and the patent was registered in West Germany, Berlin, in 1974.

Since its inception, Al-Dairani Factory has undertaken numerous painting projects and governmental contracts, contributing to central buildings and institutions in key areas of Baghdad, Iraq. The factory produces cement-based Snowcem and various other painting products and accessories, known for their wide range of distinctive colors, high stability, and long-lasting durability.

Al-Deirani factory, based in Baghdad, Iraq, has been out of operation for a long time. This site is dedicated to the kind family as a remembrance.


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